Hard Rain Live

In 2014 Barb is touring from Norwich to Chester, London to New York.

‘Dylan and Cohen explore the ludicrousness of the
human condition 
at an enormously high poetic level.
Singing those songs is being in a state of grace.

 Barb Jungr


Photo by Max Petrossi

Live at London’s 606 Club.


‘The care, the craft and the control which Jungr and pianist Simon Wallace put into these songs is breath-taking. Wallace’s voicings throughout the paired songs were subtle and allusive. Jungr was testing the half-lights of imagined and un-uttered words. It was remarkable.’

(Sebastian Scotney. londonjazznews.com 5.9.13.)

‘Jungr is the perfect interpreter of this kind of material. Every syllable was perfectly weighted, while Simon Wallace’s skeletal piano phrasing carried some of the arrangements into pensive Bill Evans territory.’

(Clive Davis, The Times 4.18.14)


Photo by Max Petrossi

Live at the 606.


‘Maybe it’s a trick of the light, but Barb Jungr’s body seems to vibrate as if charged with huge feeling as she sings the choruses of ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’, Bob Dylan’s thundering, surreal vision of nuclear dread.

(Nick Hasted. The Independent 26.2.14)

‘Ms. Jungr’s ebullient comic sensibility is far removed from Mr. Dylan’s grim-reaper attitude. True: there is plenty of humor in Dylan, but it’s often edged with contempt. Ms. Jungr can build up a head of rage, but arrogance and outright cruelty are barely discernible in her expressive arsenal.’

(Karsten Moran. The New York Times)

‘It is astonishing to take these songs out, to have
people coming up to say it’s great to hear them and be reminded of what they mean.’

Barb Jungr



Credits: Photos by Max Petrossi


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