Hard Rain

For Jungr, song choices are personal and Hard Rain reflects her growing despair with the times we live in: ‘Blowin’ In The Wind‘ is 51 years old and as relevant as it ever was.

But as Liz Thomson * says in the album notes.

‘Rock offers only a sketchy lead sheet and chord symbols as a guide:  it is a tabula rasa for an artist daring to challenge the established canon. There is space between the notes that musical imagination can fill.’

To  protect  that musical imagination, Jungr released Hard Rain herself.

‘Kristalyn is my label, my decision making. ‘There’s only so much of a line you’re prepared to cross…only so much of a stain you’re prepared to take. This album is very personal to me. The songs came to me and demanded to be sung.  It felt right, like it all fitted together.’

The results have been exceptional, musically and personally and critically.

Track Listings:

1. Blowin’ In The Wind (Bob Dylan)
2. Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson)
3. Who By Fire (Leonard Cohen)
4. Hard Rain (Bob Dylan)
5. First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen)
6. Masters Of War (Bob Dylan)
7. It’s Alright Ma (Bob Dylan)
8. 1000 Kisses Deep (Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson)
9. Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob Dylan)
10. Land Of Plenty (Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson)
11. Chimes Of Freedom (Bob Dylan)

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*co-editor of the newly reissued No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan.


The songs, most dark, all densely imaginative, unspool like perfectly crafted short films.
Jungr is the unobtrusive auteur, fully realising their intensity.’
(Christopher Loudon. jazztimes.com).

Jungr demonstrates her talent for conveying the stories and emotions of the songs,
in a relaxed manner that makes it all sound as easy and natural as breathing.’
(John Eyles.AllaboutJazz).

‘Fascinating Fare…it’s more than alright, Ma’.
(Fred Dellar. Mojo).

‘Superlative arrangements refresh songs as daunting as “It’s Alright, Ma
(I’m Only Bleeding)”and “First We Take Manhattan”.
(Gavin Marton. Uncut)


Produced by Simon Wallace
Recorded and mixed at Underhill Studios by Simon Wallace
Tracks 4 + 7 mixed by Simon Wallace and Richie Stevens
Arranged by Simon Wallace and Barb Jungr
Mastered by Dick Beetham at 3670 Mastering

Bass: Neville Malcolm
Bass on tracks 1, 3, 8 + 10: Steve Watts
Percussion: Gary Hammond
Shakuhachi: Clive Bell
Talking drum and additional percussion: Richard Oletunde Baker
Piano, hammond organ and synthesisers: Simon Wallace
Vocals: Barb Jungr

Artwork photography and design: Steve Ullathorne
Executive Producer: Independent Voices




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