News from Pimlico: Post-birthday Edition!Welcome to the News From Pimlico.After the release of Hard Rain, the album continues to gather fabulous reviews and coverage in the press, which you can read in the Reviews and other press section of this newsletter.

Barb, in between promoting her album, has been working on other projects. These include a superbly written short story commissioned by BBC Radio 4. You can read the text version in this edition.

On the travel front, Barb will be off to Connecticut next Month to teach and perform at the Cabaret & Performance Conference. More information in the Live dates section.

She has also been immersing herself in the Deep Roots Tall Trees project, as an artistic director. Barb and local musicians in Corby have been creating a show that’s going to be quite special. They will be joined by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and Barb has written a special update about this event.

Speaking of an event, Barb had a very special one last month in the form of her milestone birthday. I happened to be able to time my holiday at the same time as her big bash. And boy, does she know how to throw a fabulous party and celebrate it in style! Many of her family and friends gathered to wish her a happy birthday. There was a great band, food, and a brilliant speech from Barb and a lot of dancing, plus many of her friends making guest appearances onstage. It won’t be forgotten in a hurry by anyone who attended and it was an honour to be invited to such a wonderful evening.

Barb was a remarkable host.  Luminous in red and beaming with smile, she chatted to the guests at the completely packed venue. The whole place was buzzing with excitement. It really was quite a night.

Please check out the many photos taken at the party in this issue, and let the celebration continue post-birthday in the gallery section!

I was also fortunate enough to see Barb live at the fantastic venue Pizza Express Dean Street, which has this marvellously intimate vibe. It was quite a memorable experience seeing Barb perform her acclaimed Hard Rain show there with Janet Halsey, the star contributor to this newsletter and her husband Ray. It was great to meet them in person at last. During the show, I totally lost myself in the songs and remembered the way Barb touches deep inside my soul.

It was amazing to catch up with other newsletter readers, many of those who have contributed to News From Pimlico. This include Dylan Lancaster, Roger Perrin, Phil Herbert, Jenny Carr, Mari Wilson, Rania Hafez and Mourillio Castro.

It was also an enormous pleasure meeting the lovely Mrs. Ingrid Jungr, who brought Barb into this world.

Many thanks to Barb and everyone I’ve met for the incredibly warm hospitality and kindness and for making my trip one of the best ever!

In this issue, we feature terrific contributors as below:

Our regular contributor and a reader of this newsletter Janet Halsey sent in a report on the Pizza Express show in London.

Another reader and Barb’s long time friend/colleague Phil Herbert penned a gorgeous poem for Barb and read it out at the party. He’ll be sharing the poem with the readers in this newsletter.

Many thanks to the fantastic contributors Janet Halsey and Phil Herbert.

This newsletter will feature:

•    Barb’s message

•    Corby update

•    BBC Radio 4 short story text

•    YouTube update

•    Live dates

•    Fan’s corner – Phil Herbert

•    Gig report – Janet Halsey

•    Signed Hard Rain tour poster giveaway

•    Barb in the press – interviews, reviews and other articles

•    Ask Barb! – Q&A

•    Website update

•    Special birthday party Photo gallery

As always, special thanks to Barb for giving me enormous help to make this newsletter possible, Dylan Lancaster for archiving the back issues on Tumblr and Tim Bentler-Jungr for proofreading.

See you next time!

Lena Nobuhara, Australia

Barb Jungr’s Official Fan Page on Facebook is the place the fans can interact. Please feel free to discuss the newsletter and chat to other fans there.

Don’t forget to “Like” the Hard Rain, Stockport to Memphis page and Woman to Woman page as well, if you haven’t already. If you’re on Twitter, make sure you follow Barb’s new official fan page: @BarbJungrSings – created by Dylan Lancaster. You can get all the latest tweets on Barb’s work, shows and more.

We would like to make the News from Pimlico better – we welcome any ideas and suggestions for the future issues.

We also would love to hear from the fellow Barb fans – if you’d like to:

•    Talk about your favourite song/album/performance by Barb or write reviews

•    Share stories about how you discovered Barb’s music and/or what you like about Barb and her music

•    Send questions you’d like to ask Barb for the Q & A segment

•    Send in photos/YouTube clips from Barb’s live shows

•    Give feedback on the articles – which ones did you enjoy the most/would like to see more/less of

Please email them all to – thank you!

Message from Barb
Since the last newsletter a lot has happened, in terms of shows performed and also in the Corby project, Deep Roots Tall Trees.

I’ve seen some fabulous plays and done some lovely radio – not least of all an hour long special for Northampton local BBC, and appeared just recently on BBC Radio 4’s superb show Saturday Review.

Mainly I’ve been getting website updates together, preparing for the autumn and getting repertoire ready for the appearance at the Pimlico Proms later this month.

Last night I saw Anthony and Cleopatra at the Globe; even after all the years of it running, I’d never seen a play there before. It was magical watching Shakespeare in the way it might have been seen, and made better by it being such a wonderful play. Sometimes I realise through watching things only do I really understand anything about people, their motives and sometimes lack of self awareness.

Last month I had a huge birthday and a correspondingly huge party, and I feel marvelous. I didn’t think I would, but I do. So I send you a greeting, as it were, from the other side, alongside my thanks as always for your support.

There are new videos online this June filmed by Janet Halsey at Pizza Express Dean Street, and there are some lovely photographs from the party.

And I send you all my love.



(Photo by Steve Ullathorne)

BBC Radio 4 short story “Sunset to Break Your Heart”


BBC Radio 4  commissioned songwriters to contribute short stories for the three-part series “Stories from Songwriters”.

Barb was selected as one of the songwriters and she penned a story titled Sunset to Break Your Heart, named after one of the songs she wrote with Simon Wallace that features on Stockport to Memphis album.

Her truly gut wrenching, poignant and devastatingly heart breaking story read by Suranne Jones aired on the 4th of May. It was accompanied by the song of the same name. While anyone who heard it would’ve needed a box of tissues after the broadcast to wipe away the tears, Barb’s talent as a gifted writer shines through.

The recording is no longer available, however, the newsletter readers can read the text version.

Click here to read “Sunset to Break Your Heart”.

Signed Tour Poster Giveaway

Barb has kindly offered to give away the fabulously stylish Hard Rain tour poster above to first five readers who send in a gig report if you’ve seen her live recently, or an album review if you’ve heard the fantastic new album.

To win the signed poster, please email your experience Please share your thoughts on the show/album for your own copy of signed poster.
The winners will be notified by email.
Good luck!

(Poster photo and design by Steve Ullathorne)

Reviews and Interviews

Ever since the release, Hard Rain been extremely well received by critics and general public. Extremely positive reviews have been deservedly pouring in. Below is a list of the latest reviews and feature articles.

Album reviews

Blogcritics **** 1/2
Hard Rain is a gem. Jungr takes the music of Dylan and Cohen and makes it glow.
Click here to read the review in full.

SoundStage! Xperience ****
The recording is excellent, the instruments properly balanced with each other and with Jungr’s voice. I’d say, overall, that this is a powerful and important album that will probably be considered when Grammy nominations are out once more.
Click here to read the review in full.

Huffington Post
There are singers and then there are interpreters. Jungr is perhaps today’s absolute best example of the latter.
Click here to read the review in full.

O’s Place Jazz
O’s Notes: Barb Jungr is a polished contemporary vocalist with poise, emotion and a dynamic approach. She celebrates the songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen on Hard Rain. We enjoyed “First We Take Manhattan”, “Masters of War” and “Gotta Serve Somebody” best in a sea of great songs. Jungr does a fine job recreating the magic of these classics.
(Registration needed to read the article online)

Acoustic Music
I guarantee that once you step out of your reverie as the CD ends, you’ll be hunting for more. Hard Rain doesn’t just satisfy the senses and brainworks, it also installs a hunger.
Click here to read the feature article in full.

Audiophile Audition ****
The entire album is a highlight, but to point out a few delicious tracks: “Who By Fire,” “Hard Rain” and “Chimes of Freedom” are my top picks.  All three exhibit the wonderfully-toned voice that Jungr has used to excel throughout her career.
Click here to read the feature article in full.

The Fine Times Recorder
Countless artists have recorded their own versions of songs by these two geniuses of contemporary music. And no, genius is not too strong a word – listen to the words of Hard Rain, Who by Fire, 1000 Kisses Deep or Chimes of Freedom. That’s poetry not pop song.
But Barb Jungr brings a special aesthetic and intuitive style to her versions.

Click here to read the feature article in full.

With all the news circulating the Tambourine Man and his latest Chronicles, the release couldn’t have been better calculated. So don’t squander your time with lesser Dylan cover albums and pick up Barb Jungr’s Hard Rain immediately. As The Independent calls it, “a masterclass in the value of interpretive liberty.”
Click here to read the feature article in full.

Interviews and feature articles

Culture Northern Ireland
‘It’s really important to remember – and I think both Dylan and Cohen remember this – that it’s not about you,’ she maintains. ‘It’s about the song and the music. Don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking it’s you because that way lies the wrong fork in the road.’
Click here to read the feature article in full.

South China Morning Post
The performances more than validate Jungr’s reputation as one of Britain’s finest interpretative singers, with particularly impressive versions of Cohen’s First We Take Manhattan and Dylan’s Masters of War. There are two remarkable achievements here: Blowin’ in the Wind, which Dylan wrote in 1962 and which opens the album, sounds fresh; the album also offers the second, truly great reinterpretation of Chimes of Freedom.
Click here to read the feature article in full.

(Photo by Steve Ullathorne)

YouTube Update
New live videos recorded by Janet Halsey have been uploaded on YouTube.

You can watch the live versions of “Chimes of Freedom”, “A Thousand Kisses Deep”, and “Blowin’ in the Wind” from Barb’s show at Pizza Express, Soho, last month.

They are on the Hard Rain – The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen playlist on YouTube and among the new live videos. You can also watch two other clips relating to Barb’s new album – the extremely popular “Barb Jungr Hard Rain – the Making of” video, which now has over 5000 views, and “Who by Fire”.

Click here to go to the playlist and listen to all the new live clips.

Barb is continuing to work on another video clip so watch this space!

One way not to miss out on all the new videos on Barb’s YouTube channel is to subscribe to it.

Click here to subscribe to the channel and receive a notification email as soon as a new video has been uploaded!

Hard Rain on Vinyl?

Barb is looking into the possibility of releasing Hard Rain on Vinyl and is trying to gauge the demand for it.

We’ve asked the same question on Facebook, but those who are not on it, please and let us know if you’d like Hard Rain on Vinyl.

There will be a pre-filled email template and it’s all very easy. Thank you!

Ask Barb! Q & A

In each newsletter, Barb will answer a few questions from the fans.
When you are working on a new album, how do you decide on the title? 

Titles come when they come, and you work with them accordingly.

If you could swap your life with someone else – male or female – for a week, who would you pick and why?

There’s no one I would want to be. I’m good where and who I am.

What words of wisdom would you give to aspiring performers wishing to go into the entertainment industry?

I wouldn’t have any. I have long given up advising anyone on anything. People do things their own way. I make my own music and I do it my way and increasingly and with age I think more and more only on that and less and less on anything that doesn’t have anything to do with my own work.

How do you feel about your audience live-tweeting during your show to tell their followers about it?

I would prefer people to listen and be in the space. If you are tweeting you cannot be listening. I tweet about things but after I’ve done or seen them. I think the “tied to your screen” mentality is unhelpful in creating a state of “being”. Being is being here. Now. Not somewhere else.

You’ll be returning to Connecticut, USA, soon. What are you looking forward to?

All of it – some people I worked with before will be there and they are superb musicians and people and indeed, friends – Tracy Stark, Brad Simmons, John McDaniel, Mike Lunoe…

There are some staff also who are returning – all wonderful people. The place is magical. There’s green and sea and as long as I don’t get too bitten by mosquitoes, I will be in heaven.

What music are you currently listening to?

Currently I am listening to compositions by lesser known women composers recorded by a friend, Diana Ambache. I am also listening to a lot of instrumental jazz (Bill Evans and John Coltrane) and returning to my great love, sub Saharan African music, most particularly Grande Maitre Franco as more of that is now on YouTube at last.


(Photo by Steve Ullathorne)

Send your questions to and they’ll be forwarded to Barb 🙂

Gig Report: Pizza Express, Soho

10 May, 2014
Pizza Express Soho, London

By Janet Halsey
One of our favourite venues is Pizza Express Jazz Club Dean Street, Soho, London. We saw Barb perform the songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen from her recently released album Hard Rain. Barb was accompanied by Simon Wallace on piano and Dudley Philips on double bass.

Barb played to a large audience, which included many people from her fan base. Barb is without question the best interpreter and performer of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen material and the songs from the album complimented each other to perfection. The songs were flawlessly sung, taking the audience on an emotional journey and once again we were totally spellbound.

It was a tremendous pleasure meeting Lena, who had bravely travelled all the way from Australia. We were able to spend time in conversation, after having spent time regularly communicating by email.

“Chimes of Freedom” and “A Thousand Kisses Deep” and “Blowin’ in the Wind” can be viewed on YouTube on Janet Halsey and Barb’s ‘Barb sings’ channel.

(Photo by Janet Halsey)

Fan’s Corner – Phil Herbert

Birthday Barb
By Phil Herbert

Briliant and really bright

But also remarkably buoyant

I’ve known you thirty years or more

And never a cross word – ever, never
I’ve seen and worked with you

In jazzy basements – large and small (and damp ones too!)

The Palladium, Festival Hall and a London Secondary School
When you sing and put a song across

Telling Stories with no punchlines

We hang upon your every word – we hear you – we are moved by your gift

Old songs sung anew
We’ve shared a glass of wine, or three

We’ve also drunk champagne

Yes, I want to work and tour with you

Again and again and again
You look no day over forty, although, you are half that age again

You remain young at heart – in soul and body

So kisses to you – and an imaginary red rose

You’re the fabulous Barb Jungr

(Jungr at the end soundly pronounced to rhyme with ‘younger’)

(Photo by Habie Schwarz – Phil at Barb’s birthday party)

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Corby Update from Barb

Corby progresses apace. We now have a schedule for the concert and all news about the massive concert, which will be at Corby Football Ground on August 23rd. Tickets will be on sale soon from the Core at Corby Cube and Northampton Royal and Derngate Theatre websites. All the full information will be at

The concert features my work alongside the Head of Snakes musicians, who are all from Corby and its environs and with whom I’ve worked for three years, the Deep Roots Tall Trees choir led by the marvelous Gareth Fuller, which came together to sing the songs at the last two concerts we staged at The Corby Cube over the last two years and – this is the cherry on the cake – the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The concert will open with all our local talent – the band and choir and myself – with additional local musicians, then the RPO will perform 30 minutes of superb music, some of it chosen in conjunction with the Corby community and our team.

The second half is the Deep Roots Tall Trees Song Cycle with nine songs, some written by me, some by the musicians, the musicians and myself and the choir songwriting team Ring of Fire, and myself.

This is a huge step forward for the people of Corby but most of all, for the musicians and singers. It’s not just an opportunity; the level of commitment now in terms of rehearsals and focus has gone through the roof. I am tremendously excited for this concert.

(Photo by Kate Dyer)

Live Dates:  June, July, August and September

In the next four months, Barb will travel around the UK and over to the USA.

After performing as part of Pimlico Proms in June with Kew Wind Orchestra, Urban Voices Collective and Jane Buttigieg, Barb will be doing two shows in London in July – the first one at Crazy Coqs with Julian Clary as a special guest as her summer engagement at the venue – she’ll return to Connecticut to teach and perform at the 2014 Cabaret & Performance Conference at Waterford in the United States.

In August, after performing in London, Barb will head over to Corby to be in Deep Roots Tall Trees with the local musicians and a choir and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in a very special show.

She’ll be touring across the UK throughout September. She’ll zip across to Otley, Brighton, Bath, Newbury and London.

Fri 27 June, London – Pimlico Proms featuring Barb Jungr, Kew Wind Orchestra, Urban Voices Collective, Jane Buttigieg
St George’s Square Gardens
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.


Sun 6 July, London – Barb Jungr with very special guest Julian Clary
Crazy Coqs Tel: 0207 734 4888
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.

Mon 7 July, London – Barb Jungr sings Nina Simone songbook series
Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho Tel: 01603 598598
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.

Sun 27 July, Connecticut – Barb Jungr The Man in the Long Black Coat at 2014 Cabaret & Performance Conference
Eugine O’Neill Centre Tel: 860 443 5378
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.


Sat 9 August, London –  Barb Jungr Hard Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohenvo
Vortex Jazz Club Tel: 0207 254 4097
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.

Mon 23 August, Corby – Deep Roots Tall Trees – 136 Flags with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 
Venue Corby Football Ground
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.


Sun 7 Sept , London – Barb Jungr and Friends
The Crazy Coqs Tel: 0207 734 4888
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.

Sat 13 Sept, Otley – Barb Jungr Hard Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen
The Court House Tel: 01943 467466
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.

Sun 14 Sept, Brighton – Barb Jungr Hard Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen
The Brunswick Tel: 01273 733984
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.

Thurs 18 Sept, Bath – Barb Jungr Hard Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen
Komedia Tel: 0845 293 8480
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.

Fri 26 Sept, Newbury – Barb Special 
New Greenham Arts Tel: 0845 293 8480
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.

Tue 30 Sept, London – Barb Jungr Hard Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen
Crazy Coqs Tel: 0845 293 8480
Click here to book tickets online and for more info.

For all the live datesclick here.

(Photo by Janet Halsey)

Website update

Bouquet of Barbs

Barb’s blog Bouquet of Barbs is regularly updated and is filled with photos and news in Barb’s life offstage.

In the latest entry, you can see Barb with braces and her friend Ernest shows off his cool sunglasses as well. She also talks about her birthday party, the adventures at the Chelsea Flower Show, Northamptonshire and Brighton with her lovely mum, as well as the day trip to the gorgeous Kew Gardens in the past few entries. They are all accompanied with loads of fantastic pictures.

All the blog posts are sprinkled with, no,drenched in Barb’s trademark sense of humour and there are many laugh-out-loud moments.

Be sure to go visit the page regularly to find out the latest news on Barb’s life.

Barb Jungr’s blog:

Photo Gallery – Barb’s birthday party special

In this special edition of photo gallery, we will share many pictures that were taken at Barb’s birthday party in no particular order.

All photos by Habie Schwarz, unless otherwise stated.

As you can see, much fun was had by all throughout the night.

Click on the pictures to see larger images.

Birthday message on the wall.

Werewolves of London dancing the night away.

(L to R) Barb, Jo, Matt and the MC Steve

Barb’s mum Mrs Ingrid Jungr and Barb.  (Photo by Lena Nobuhara)

Ben Bowling

Claire Martin’s guest performance.

Simon accompanying Claire Martin.

(L to R) Mari Wilson, Claire Martin and Barb singing “Wishin’ and Hopin'” together

(L to R) Sally, Barb and Ernest

Eve Ferret

(L to R) Dylan and Roger

Jonathan Cooper and Barb

The fabulous band that got everybody on the dance floor (Photo by Janet Halsey).

(L to R) Adele and Lucia

(L to R) Sophie and Amanda

Ian Shaw with Jamie on piano.

Mel singing on stage.

Robb Johnson

(L to R) Claire Fox and Rania Hafez

Mari, Claire and Barb

Leah and Susi Salhmland

(L to R) Dylan, Barb’s mum, Ernest and Claire

(L to R) Hettie, Sally and Sue

Rania Hafez (photo by Lena Nobuhara)

(L to R) Simon, Bjarne, Ian and David

Ben Bowling dancing.
Copyright © 2014, Official Barb Jungr Fan Club All rights reserved.



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