Originally recorded in 1999 and now re-released on Kristalyn Records, the cult CD ‘Bare Again’.

With Russell Churney on piano, and three additional tracks added in 2007,  ‘Bare Again’ will be available on iTunes from 26th October 2014.

Bare Again (1999)

‘I very strongly suggest that you get hold of this CD, asap…
After that, go out and buy every CD she’s made.’


Track listing:

1) King of the Road
2) Waterloo Sunset
3) Where Are You Now?
4) Au Depart
5) Me and Bobby McGee
6) What Lovers Do
7) Les Amants D’Un Jour
8) What a Waste
9) My Father
10) Sons Of
11) Suzanne
12) Dancers to the Dawn
13) Mother Tongue
14) Just for Today
15) Song for Dan






Cover artwork by Garry Laybourn.

absolute_white_small  Kristalyn records logo

Executive produced by Independent Voices


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